Welcome gorgeous! If we are just meeting for the first time, hi I’m Blair Dreessen. I’m a Life + Biz + Energy Coach for women and entrepreneurs. I am also the co-founder of Spiritually Intimate and co-host of the Spiritually Intimate Conversations Podcast.

My passion is guiding women through the de-conditioning and HEALing process so they can uplevel and RISE. While opening women up into multidimensional leadership so they can grow and expand their businesses.

Cause women who feel good, do good.

I mentor women through deep mindset shifts. Helping to heal, release and re-frame their subconscious mind so they can see success in their mind, body and soul. Raising their high vibes and manifestation abilities to new levels.

I work with many modalities when working with my clients. They include – reiki and alchemy energy healing work, meditation/visualization, EFT, subconscious reprogramming, inner child healing, shadow work, breath and body work, human design and intuition integration.

I know that by tuning women into deeper self love and self care practices they can start creating the life, body, soul, income and business of their wildest dreams.

That’s because I believe in my heart and soul that every woman is worthy AF to have what she truly desires.

It wasn’t that long ago that I myself was struggling, much like the women I now mentor and support on the daily.

See when I started my journey 7 years ago my life was in ruins. I was an overweight, exhausted momma, struggling with horrible postpartum depression and broke AF! Living on borrowed money and state assistance. And I just didn’t see how our lives could ever change. But it was in my breakdown that came my breakthrough.

I tapped into the power that was inside me all along for my own physical, soul, emotional, and financial transformation. Leading me to drop the weight, lift the fog of depression, and build a highly successful coaching business I freakin love and created a 6 figure income along the way.

Now that you know a little bit more about me I can’t wait to hang more with you girl. Come find me on all the social media sites. Facebook, Instagram (esp IG stories that’s my playground for all the behind the scenes action) plus YouTube where I share my vlogs.

Also check out my podcast Spiritually Intimate Conversations. New episodes drop every week.

XOXO Blair