Work with Blair

YES word on the street is true…. my Empowered Babes 1:1 Transformation Program is where the magic happens🔮

This is where you get to dive deep with me 1:1 and truly see the change you want in ALL areas of your life.

Just some of the awesomeness included in this super charged, next level, spiritually deep 1:1 private mentorship:

Positive mindset development
Removing limiting beliefs & subconscious reprogramming
Shadow work, inner child healing, emotional release
Gaining clarity and purpose in yo life!
Tapping into your soul and intuition
Manifestation/LoA upleveling (aka how to become a magnet for what you DO want)
Personalized energy work
Self love/self care support

Plus I combine this program with whatever tools will best suite you and your specific needs to further your expansion to remove any limiting beliefs so you can uplevel your inner growth allowing you to STEP INTO your highest self and own your POWER

These spots are VERY limited so I can give my clients my love, energy and attention. To hold space for them and their goals so we can work very closely together.

We can totally chat more to see if this is a good fit for you babe… to chat, snag a spot and/or get on the waitlist (CLICK HERE) to fill out a request form and I will message you so we can discuss things further.